Keltic Landing - Tartan Pride

The Imperial - 319 Main St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2S9

Friday March 18 - Saturday March 19


Join us Friday, March 18th for the second evening of St.Patrick's Day celebrations. The Tartan Pride will introduce Gaelic traditions through Scottish spirits, Gaelic entertainment and guests donning traditional kilts.

For those more privy to our Irish heritage, click here to join us Thursday, March 17th for Shamrock Ball. The Shamrock Ball will encompass early Celtic Irish traditions in their entirety. This will include Irish spirits, traditional Celtic entertainment among many other details.


Discover Keltic Landing


The Emerald Shores

Get settled into Keltic Landing, as well as check out the traditional food offered for your evening.  


The Grove  

It's here you can taste delectable cocktails infused with the Celtic and Gaelic flavours made by our Druid mixologists. Complete your outfit with flower crows made by our sprites & fairies. 


The Lowlands

Celtic and Gaelic dancers encircle the great hall. Bagpipes and fiddlers bursting with energy begin to coerce your feet into a river dance. DJ's work their way in and transition to a lively Ceilidh saloon harmoniously.


The Highlands

When the riot of the Lowlands becomes too much, escape to The Highlands above the celebration hall to consume some of the world's finest whiskies in the alchemy parlour tasting den. 


Tickets for Keltic Landing cost $35 and include access to all four immersive areas, as well as two Keltic Koins to be used in the Highlands whiskey tasting den ($4 value). Purchase your tickets for Vancouver's most unique St.Patrick's Day celebration now.

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